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Administrative Suite

ChildPilot provides an innovative and complete solution to streamline all your administrative tasks anytime, anywhere!

Room student schedule childcare management software

 Room Scheduling


  • Real Time Ratio Alerts & Tracking
  • Interactive Calendar
  • Move Staff/Students to different rooms temporarily
  • View classroom attendance changes in real time
  • Add notes & activities for specific classrooms
  • Staff can tie lesson plans to classrooms

Manage Family & Children


  • Check children in and out
  • Track immunization history
  • Handle classroom scheduling
  • Look up parent and child information
Family Data Storage Childcare Management Software
Room student schedule childcare management software

Employee Data Management


  • Manage staff data anytime, anywhere!
  • View/Manage employee data & permissions
  • Store employee documents
  • Staff scheduling
  • Timesheet/Attendance reporting for payroll purposes
  • Record/Track sick, vacation & training hours

Create Reports in Seconds

Seeing your data in one location has never been easier. ChildPilot offers the simplest way to create and manage customizable reports including:

  • Roll Call Sheets
  • Allergy Lists
  • Revenue Reports
  • Bus Run Checklist

Childcare management software reports 

childcare management software parent portal 


Online Enrollment

  • On desktop or on the go, families can pre-register to your program by providing required details about their family & child. Once approved and made active all of the family details will automatically sync to your ChildPilot database.

  • Pre-register
  • Fill out & sign forms online
  • Fully customizable
  • Synced to your ChildPilot database

Automated Billing


  • Create billing schedules for invoices, late fees & auto payments
  • Add simple, reoccurring, or drop in products
  • View family billing history
  • Send open invoices and autopay reminders

Childcare management software billing 

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